You can feel our warm hospitality here

at our pension in a convenient location

with moderately-priced stays without meals.


You can feel our warm hospitality here at our pension in a convenient location with moderately-priced stays without meals.
It’s ideal to stay after golfing because of our convenient location within a 10-minute walk from Karuizawa Station, an outlet mall and Old Karuizawa Ginza.
Feel free to stay with us on business trips too.
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Basic information

123-283 Karuizawa Karuizawa-machi Saku-gun Nagano-ken 389-0102
Pension facilities
We have a large bath, a shop and free laundry machines. Rent skis, skiwear, snowboards and bicycles. Send faxes and e-mail; delivery services are also available. A water dispenser, microwave, cups, chopsticks, spoons and forks are located in a common area.
Free drinks in your room: bottled water in the refrigerator, coffee and teas (sencha, ume-kobucha, genmaicha and hojicha)
Free amenities: Combs, razors, hair ties, shaving oil, cleansing oil, lotions, cotton and swabs
Room facilities and equipment
TV, WiFi, electric kettle, tea and coffee, refrigerator, hair dryer, soap, rinse-in-shampoo, tooth brushes and related items, razors, combs, towels, bath towels, yukatas and slippers (Some rooms do not have private bathrooms.)

Other equipment and services

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Be sure to contact us if you cannot make the reserved check-in time.
Cancel Policy
Cancellation fees are as below:
The day: 100% of the room charge
One day before: 50% of the room charge
No-show without contact
No-show is charged as below:
No-show or no-arrival without contact: 100% of the room charge


Our services are moderately-priced 365 days a year.
Overnight stay and several hour stay fees are set moderately.

Pension fee

Staying overnight is without meals only.
Standard Plan15:00~Next 11:00 7,500JPY 14,000JPY(Per person for 2 people 7,000JPY) 19,500JPY(Per person for 3 people 6,500JPY)
Night Plan19:00~Next 14:00
Extend(1h) 1,000JPY 2,000JPY(Per person for 2 people 1,000JPY) 3,000JPY(Per person for 3 people 1,000JPY)
* Tax excluded

Fee for a day trip and a several hour stay

You can use our services 24 hours a day throughout the year!
usage time Single Twin Triple
6H 3,000JPY 5,000JPY
(Per person for 2 people 2,500JPY)
(Per person for 3 people 2,000JPY)
Extend(1h) 1,000JPY 2,000JPY
(Per person for 2 people 1,000JPY)
(Per person for 3 people 1,000JPY)
* Tax excluded
* For an additional 1,000JPY, we provide a room with a private bathroom.(2 single rooms and 4 twin rooms are available)
* For an additional 500JPY, additional amenities are provided.For an additional 200JPY, additional towels are provided.
* Day trip and several hour stay customers can reserve only on the day. Please feel free to ask.


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We came to ski and our family of 3 stayed for one night on January 2. Rice cake pounding was held in the evening to our surprise! We ate a lot of freshly pounded rice cake which was really delicious. Our child also pounded the rice and had fun. The room was spacious with 3 beds and comfortable although the room did not have private bathrooms. The next morning we ate very delicious rice polished and cooked here at a Japanese-style buffet in the Onigiri Tea House. There were about 10 kinds of appetizing side dishes, a great deal for 600 yen! The staff even drove us to the ski area. It was really helpful and we had a terrific ski trip. The pension was pleasant and the staff very hospitable. Thank you very much!
The pension was pleasant with lively and polite staff. The location is about a 10-minute walk from Karuizawa Station. It is also convenient because Old Karuizawa is within walking distance. Amenities were also substantial and the water dispenser was convenient.
from travel.rakuten
We stayed on August 5th and 6th. Basically we choose a reasonable pension for our family trip, thinking that just sleeping is enough. When we made our reservation we did not expect good service because of the low fee for the great location, but we were very pleasantly surprised! We were happy to be treated well by the staff, and the amenities were put in a bag for each person. If we had stayed at a hotel for the price we paid, we probably would not have had any bed making, cleaning or amenity replenishment, but all these were done neatly. Also, alcoholic beverages, snacks, cups of noodles and more were there at convenience store prices, which we never find at other hotels. This was very impressive. I want to come back if I have the chance again. Thank you for the good service.
from travel.rakuten
While the facilities here are old, the staff worked hard to maintain them. We saw staff working hard on maintenance for the outdoor stairs; perhaps it was rust removal. We enjoyed the warmth of this pension. (Nukumori in the name of this pension means warmth.) At the front desk, the staff welcomed us with bright smiles that refreshed us. It was our first visit to Karuizawa. We had such a wonderful stay, we would like to stay here again next time.
We enjoyed our stay. We have been avoiding pensions until now because I thought they would be inconvenient, we would have to be concerned about others and we would be unable to be ourselves. But I made a reservation because the hotels are expensive. The receptionist was polite and I did not feel very inconvenienced although the bathrooms were shared. You can use a variety of shampoos on the shelf at the bathroom entrance. Other than the free bottled water, there is a water dispenser and cups in the hallway. The room has basic cosmetics and amenities, tea and coffee available, and there are even an electric pot, disposable cups, a fridge and chopsticks. I used a washing machine, dryer and detergent which helped me a lot. The room was small, but clean. I wondered if I could sleep well. Surprisingly, this was the only place I slept well without waking up till the morning among the 3 hotels I stayed on this trip. My image of a pension changed.
It was our first stay in a pension. We enjoyed it! It was in a good location between outlet shops and Old Karuizawa, and it was helpful that the parking was available even after we checked out. A pension sounds like a home atmosphere, but I always avoided them because I thought I would need to mind others and could not be myself. However at this pension, I could relax like in an economy hotel. The common bathrooms were cleaner and easier to use than I expected. As the name Satouno Nukumori suggests, I could feel warmth everywhere such as in the complimentary mineral water in the refrigerator and more that were provided with the accommodations. The staff were energetic and pleasant and I was satisfied because they took good care of us. I would like to stay at this pension when I come to Karukzawa again.

Trial Plan

  • Refreshing! Cycling and Sightseeing!

    We can help you make your trip to Karuizawa a wonderful memory, showing you around by bicycle to famous sightseeing spots and special hidden spots.
    We can introduce places you can easily overlook when driving, hidden shops that sell delicious things and spots just right for buying souvenirs! You can cycle and do the sights at the same time. (*’ω’*)

  • Superb noodles! Soba making!

    Nagano Prefecture is famous for soba noodles. Learn about the soba making process before the noodles are served on your table. In this program you can experience the processes of grinding buckwheat in a stone mill to make flour, adding water to make dough, stretching it with a rolling pin and cutting it with a knife. Then you can boil and eat the freshly made soba on the spot. Enjoy the lesson and the eating! (*’ω’*)

  • Soft and sticky! Rice cake pounding!

    Rice cake is so delicious we can eat it throughout the year. (*’ω’*)
    Experience rice cake pounding and eat freshly-made soft and sticky rice cake! Try freshly-made rice cake!
    The rice cake you pound yourself is very special!
    We prepare several flavors such as soybean flour, bean paste and seaweed soy sauce. (*^^)v
    Let's pound rice cake and enjoy shouting encouragement in harmony!

  • Experience outdoors! Barbeque!

    It’s becoming warmer! It’s the best season for being outdoors.
    So we started a BBQ catering service for you to enjoy BBQ at Satouno Nukumori.


Peripheral map

  • Surrounding areas

    The 3-meter high waterfalls extend 70 meters in width with groundwater springing out from rocks.
    Multiple layers of silk thread water pour to make these white thread waterfalls.
    See this in summertime because the waterfalls are lit up.
    Offical Site
  • Karuizawa Taliesin

    Taliesen full of greenery condenses Karuizawa’s nature. You can appreciate arts, literature and historical buildings centered around Lake Shiozawa while refreshing your body by moving in nature with many amusement facilities.
    Enjoy Karuizawa Taliesin full of beautiful Mother Nature.
    Open: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (December - January: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)
    Offical Site
  • Onioshidashi Volcanic Park

    This is a park of lava that flowed out during the eruption of Mt. Asama.
    Rare spots of scenic beauty are formed by an enormous amount of weathered lava.
    Offical Site
  • Asama Falls

    Asama Falls, the largest waterfalls in the Kita-karuizawa area, are clear waterfalls perfect for a highland resort with a refreshing atmosphere.
    The sound of abundant water flowing down has a mellow atmosphere that makes us feel like we are in a silent forest.
    Offical Site
  • Kumoba-ike Pond

    This quiet pond is close to Roppontsuji with its clean water originating from Gozensui. This pond is also called Swan Lake and is in a very calm atmosphere glowing with larch and maple trees.
    Offical Site